Our history


  • Erich Rozewicz shares his passion in his workshops during a porcelain painting course.
  • Monoikos tea set is the name given by the ancient Greeks to the small country surrounding the Rock and the port, known today as Monaco. This innovative creation by Erich Rozewicz, with its unique one-piece moulding, is part of the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum in New York.
  • The Rose was Princess Grace's favourite flower. In 2005 we created the rose-scented candle as a tribute to her and to support the Princess Grace Foundation USA which aims to identify and support young talent in theatre, dance and film by providing grants and internships.
  • Since the death of our father in 2000, my brother and I have been committed to perpetuating the E line, a timeless creation which, after more than 20 years on the market, has become an icon of the house. We also owe this beautiful story to the princely family, who have always shown us their friendship and support.

Key design steps

  • All pieces are formed by potters who are highly specialised in turning porcelain paste, which is extremely difficult to master. We use exclusively the paste from Limoges, where the Kaolin deposits have enabled the highest quality porcelain to be made since the beginning of the 18th century. After having calibrated a ball of the necessary mass for each piece, the potter places it in the centre of his wheel and starts the manufacturing.
  • The turned pieces are left to dry for 2 to 3 days, then the potter takes each piece back for the turning phase which will refine each article to its final thickness. This is an extremely delicate operation, as the raw pieces are very fragile and brittle.
  • After the turning process is completed, the pieces undergo a first firing, which is called the "degourdi". The porcelain hardens but remains porous in order to absorb the glaze sprayed on:
  • A second firing vitrifies the glaze and seals the porcelain. It is during this stage that the pieces acquire their final fineness and hardness. It is also a very delicate moment, the items reduce by about 15% of their original size. Each finish is applied by hand, here a surface is painted gold on blue porcelain. The gold is mixed with organic components that allow it to bind to the glaze. After a third firing, the organics are burnt off and the gold is fixed to the porcelain.

A story of passions

« A family affair »

In 1973, my father Erich Rozewicz, a ceramic engineer and inventor of the law of technical unity approved, among others, by Le Corbusier, created the first Porcelain Manufacture in Monaco.
It was in Paris, during an exhibition of his creations, that he received an unexpected visit from Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III, who later proposed him to set up his porcelain workshops in Monaco.
This marked the birth of the first porcelain decorative items collections, drawing inspiration from the mosaics adorning the floors of the princely palace. Followed 45 years of luxurious and unique creations inspired by the Principality history and Mediterranean civilizations.
After joyfully sharing the Manufacture de Porcelaine de Monaco family collections for over 32 years within the prestigious Métropole Shopping, alongside renowned brands of tableware and decoration, I now offer individuals and professionals alike, my expertise, keen eye, and passion for the art of table setting. With an approach that is even more tailored and conscientious.

Our passion

We grew up in an environment where artistic sensitivity was part of our daily lives. A grandmother who was a pianist, a mother who was a ballet dancer, and a father who was a well-known ceramics engineer for whom porcelain was more than a passion.
After training as a stylist, I started out in fashion. In 1988, I joined the family business and opened the boutique.
I offer the family’s creations associated with other prestigious houses whose collections I mix endlessly, in order to share their love of beauty with a clientele of initiates.

Between heritage and innovation

« Between heritage and innovation »

We like to create everyday objects with a contemporary sensibility, playful design and timeless elegance. Today each piece is individually shaped on a wheel by our specialist porcelain potters, using techniques handed down through the generations.
This is how our new “M” line was born, a subtle work of form and material, and dedicated to gastronomy. It can be found on the tables of the greatest starred chefs.

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